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Sundar R

Sundar R

Thank you for clarifying our queries and continuous support to finalize best name for our baby. .We are very happy that Dr. Raja has given the best name for our son based on our son's birth chart and numerology.

Joshua Ray S

Joshua Ray S

We have taken VIP consultation service for my nephew's name selection from Dr. P.R. Sundhar Raja - he is a well known branding consultant giving company names for success using his vast knowledge in Astrology and Numerology. My Uncle and Aunt had confusion in choosing a good name for my nephew, they were not able to decide and after contacting Ms. Shobha over phone, we decided to meet Dr. Raja. He has clearly explained the logic in giving the right name for a child from the beginning and gave us the lucky starting letters and then out of the 12 names selected, he chose a very good name. We all liked the name. Thank you Dr. Raja Sir

Hema Nandhini maseeah pillai

Hema Nandhini maseeah pillai

It is indeed a blessing that I came accross your website Dr. Raja. Words aren't enough to express our gratitude for your valuable input and suggestions in deciding our baby's name. We are truly happy. Thanking you and Ms. Shobha very much.

Pothirajan Subbiah

Pothirajan Subbiah

Dr P.R.Sundhar Raja has an amazing energy about him and his reading were very insightful and meant a lot to me. I saw Dr. Raja for the first time in June 2016. He not only told me everything about myself but he gave me the new perspective into all aspects of my life. He told me all the thing I always felt were true about myself but never had the words to describe. After I visit him, I have developed a much stronger sense of who I am and what is right for me. He has helped me feel free, happy and centered in myself. I highly recommend Dr P.R.Sundhar Raja to anyone who wants to know themselves better as well as to find their roadmap that will lead them to the happiest life possible, Visit Dr. Raja and tell everyone you know. He will get your life on track.

priya kandaswamy

priya kandaswamy

Dr.Raja has professionally helped us to name our 2nd child. Out of the 3 names given by us, Dr.Raja as per Astrology and Numerology selected the best lucky name and we are very happy. All this was done in few hours and has helped us to register the lucky name in the birth certificate.

Adhisivan G

Adhisivan G

Thanks for fine tuning my brother's son name to SAI KESAVAN from ATHIKESAVAN, I am seeing lot of positive changes . As a parent I am really happy to see the changes>

ADS Kumar

ADS Kumar

Dr. Sundhar Raja has corrected my son's name, using Astrology and Numerology. Now my son has joined engineering college and I am sure he will be very successful. Dr. Raja's input is very clear and he makes us underastand easily the science of Astro-Numerology.

Sai Kiran Kopparthi

Sai Kiran Kopparthi

Thank you very much for your inputs. I am delighted that I have given apt name to my son that is modern, fancy yet religious.

Arul Raja

Arul Raja

A very good name A. JaiSanth for my son was selected by Dr. Raja. He has used both Astrology and Numerology and more than that also satisfied my wish of having my Mother's name come in my Son's name.

Logesh S

Logesh S

Thank you for your help, fast response, and continuous follow ups, till everything was fine and satisfied

Priyanka Sathish - India

I take privilige in thanking you for giving my daughter a perfect name for her life, once again I can't find any words to praise your service but for now thanks a lot.

Govardhan - India

Thank you very much for your clear clarification on naming my grand daughter. Infact I am also an Astrologer, but have no knowledge in numerology. I trust your advise, as you are good in both Astrology and Numerology. Wishing you all the Very Best.

Ramya Senthil - Singapore

I am thankful to you, for suggesting the name for my younger daughter. We where very much worried earlier, as some Astrologer here has confused us by saying that the horoscope of my daughter is having dhosham etc., Thanks to you, after talking to you over phone - now we are Happy and confident that our daughter is having hidden Raja Yoga. I pray and wish for your health and success to give your service to this world and will meet you when we come to Chennai. Regards.

Santosh Siva - California, USA

We really appreciate all your help in naming my son. I will certainly recommend your service to my friends.

Sandhya Khaitan - India

Thanks so much for your inputs.
I was really worried, because recently we went to a numerologist in Mumbai, for consulting name. There, he asked my son's name and scared us saying that if we don't change the name, he will lose his eye sight.
That is the reason why we consulted you. Thanks so much again for your input and clarifications ! Warm Regards.

Aishwarya - India

Thanks very much for your guidance in choosing the Lucky name for my daughter. Appreciate your prompt and professional service. Best wishes.

Mohan Raaj - India

I m glad the name has been approved by you for my son. My family and myself would like to thank you for being patient and sincere in helping us choose the name. And I also take this oppurtunity to thank Shobha mam who has intimated about my mails to you and sending us the reply at the earliest.Looking forward to consult you again in future.

Harish - Australia

I was happy and satisfied with the consultation we had for our son.
I want to refer my cousin sister and my second elder brother to talk to you, regarding name check-up for their children. Namasthe.

Venkat - Germany

Good day ! This is Venkat from Germany !
"Happy to share with you that our son has improved in his health, after using the name suggested by you. We are grateful to you for your guidance, when we approached you in tension.
We pray the Almighty to Shower His Blessings to you and your family with all prosperity & happiness."

Monika deol -India

We came to see u on Thursday. I was so happy to have arrived at the right place finally and getting the right name for my daughter, you are very inspiring and amazing. Guidance in life is as important as hard-work itself and i am happy i am getting it. Thank You once again :) Regards.

S Bhullar - Chicago, USA

My sincere thanks to you as well in taking the taking the extra time in helping me in selecting the best name for my son. We got out of our confusion and me and my wife are very happy and satisfied that we got the best name by using Astrology and numerology. I am really impressed by the level of your service. Thanks Again.

Dr Sagarmoy - India

I feel happy to name my child, after taking your valuable suggestion. Regards.

Manisha Shah - UK

Thank you for your valuable input, proffesional & prompt service. Best Regards

Jeffrey - USA

Thank you so much you guys are greatttt !!!

Gaurang Shukla - UAE.

It was amazing that after Dr. Raja has selected the name for my Son, I also had a good break on Oct 20th and was promoted. When, I met him during my social visit to Chennai and in the conversations, I saw that my prayers to god are being answered through him. Thanks,

Nisha Goel - India

Thank you very much Dr. Sundhar, I have named my son as Shashwat. We are expecting one more little one in our family soon (for my brother) will make sure to use your services again.

Shreyasi - Hong Kong

Oh wonderful! A big thank you to both of you:)
May God bless you all !

N.Sharma - India

Thank you very much. You have made my day. May God bless you . I have recommended your site to several friends.

Thiruvengadam - Malayasia, B.Sc(Med);ITEC;dHOM(Med)

Thank you very much for choosing the best name for my son. Looking forward to the pleasure of interacting with you in the future. Warm regards