Baby Names Give your child a Lucky name for life time

What's in a Unique Baby Name? Everything! It is the identity of a child in this world. A name can make or break a child's success. A right lucky baby name will bring success in health, education, career, business, marriage, etc. A lucky name using Astrology and Numerology together is the best foundation for the success of a child.

An ordinary baby name will give your child an ordinary life. Children are our future and you should give them a lucky baby name after consulting with the best numerologist in India.

Some famous examples of successful celebrities, who changed their name after consulting with the famous numerologist in India:
Inquilab Shrivastava (small time actor) became Amitabh Bachan (Big B)
Shivaji Rao Gaekwad (bus conductor) became Rajinikanth (Super Star)

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja B.E. Ph.D. (Astrology), is India's No. 1 Astrologer & Numerologist specialist and a leading professional baby name consultant. He is the recipient of several awards including the "Indian Achievers Award" and uses Astrology with Numerology, for over 39 years in assisting to choose the right baby names, individual names & company names to achieve great success. More details www.AstroNumber.com

Baby Name Astrology

Using Astrology and selecting the baby names based on Nakshatra is not fully effective as this includes only the starting letter vibration and does not have the control or capability to give continuous success in life.

Baby Name Numerology

Using Numerology by taking the date of birth and selecting the baby names in harmony with birth numbers also works.

Lucky Baby Name

Dr. Raja uses Astrology and Numerology together to maximize success. Go ahead in taking the first important step to bring success and happiness to your new born baby and to yourself. A child's character and personality are also influenced by the unique name you call him / her.

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Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Frequently asked questions - Lucky Baby Name

PR Sundhar Raja is a leading expert in the science of Astro-Nameology. A successful practitioner of Astrology & Numerology specialist, PR Sundhar Raja, has assisted several business leaders and professionals over the last three decades by contributing to their success and many business tycoons and corporate business heads are his repeat clients including several Fortune 500 companies like ONGC, Eveready etc. Many of the leading newspapers & magazines have covered his work.

It is your duty to select a Lucky baby name for your child, which is vibrating in harmony with their birth chart to give them continuous success, healthy life, good education, happiness, career / business, good marriage partner, etc.,

Your child's Lucky Name will also bring prosperity to you and your family.

Dr. Raja, the famous numerologist in India, as a policy DOES NOT give 'C' section date / time. He believes strongly that only GOD should decide the date and time of birth of a child

However, using Astrology and baby name Numerology Dr. Raja will help you to choose the Lucky Name for your child after delivery.

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Yes, a baby's name can greatly influence their life's outcomes. A lucky name selected using Numerology lays a solid foundation for the child's success in areas such as health, education, career, business, and marriage.

Conversely, an ordinary name can lead to an ordinary life. Dr. Raja emphasizes the importance of choosing a name that brings continuous success in life. Therefore, selecting a lucky name using the date of birth and the lucky name calculatoris considered the first important step to ensuring the child's success and happiness.

Numerology can play a significant role in selecting a baby name. Each number holds a specific energy, which can influence a person's personality and life path. Dr. Raja uses the baby's date of birth to align their name with their birth numbers. This creates harmony, leading to success and prosperity in various aspects of life like health, education, and career.

The practice goes beyond just matching starting letters, aiming to provide lifelong success and happiness. Therefore, choosing a baby name using the lucky name numerology calculator can set a strong foundation for your child's successful future.

First, get the lucky numbers using the date of birth to obtain the lucky numbers for your child based on numerology. Then, you can use the numerology lucky name calculator to test different names. Continue until you find a name that matches one of the lucky numbers. You can also choose a pet name or a short special calling name for your baby.

The Lucky Name Calculator doesn't guarantee luck for your baby. But it helps select a name that aligns with numerology and possibly influence luck and life paths. Using lucky numerology name calculation, your child's name contributes to their luck.

If you are asking yourself “Is my name lucky?”, you can determine the same by using our Lucky Name Calculator. This tool allows you to calculate the lucky numbers of a given name based on a child's birth details.

After receiving these lucky numbers using birth date, you can experiment with different names until you find one that matches any of your lucky numbers. This can be used to find both full names and pet names that bring luck and positive energy.

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja

Best Astro-Numerologist in India, should always select the Baby names , whether it is Baby boy names or Baby girl names using the right starting letters.

Also Baby name meanings should be taken into consideration.

You can also use this service for your grown up children. Also Gift this Lucky Name service to your friends & relatives children. This will be the best gift for their success.

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