Baby Names Give your child a Lucky name for life time and overall success.

Why should you keep a lucky name for your baby?

Do you know the real name of Superstar Rajnikanth? Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, a bus conductor.

Do you know the real name of Amitabh Bachan? Inquilab Shrivastava, a small-time actor.

How did they become famous personalities?

A name has the power to decide one’s fortune and destiny. As a parent, you should keep a lucky name for your baby.

A child’s date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth cannot be changed without going against nature. But you have an option to name your baby so that the baby enjoys success, happiness, good health and wealth. Selecting a lucky name for your baby is often believed to bring positive energy and good fortune into their life. Many cultures and belief systems hold that a name carries vibrations and influences a person's destiny.

Some people name their babies according to astrology. Some people name their babies according to numerology. Dr. Raja offers automated and personalized services for selecting lucky baby names as per astro-numerology. With the combination of astrology and numerology, your child's name can positively influence the child's destiny. This service can also be used for adults and family members.

Our DIY service includes powerful features

  • It gives the explanation of each name and its suitability for your child.
  • The link has no expiry and can be used unlimited times till you get the Lucky name.

Baby Name Astrology

Using Astrology and selecting the baby names based on Nakshatra is not fully effective as this includes only the starting letter vibration and does not have the control or capability to give continuous success in life.

Baby Name Numerology

Using Numerology by taking the date of birth and selecting the baby names in harmony with birth numbers also works.

Lucky Baby Name

Dr. Raja uses Astrology and Numerology together to maximize success. Go ahead in taking the first important step to bring success and happiness to your new born baby and to yourself. A child's character and personality are also influenced by the unique name you call him / her.

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Awards & Recognition

Frequently asked questions - Lucky Baby Name

Refunds for paid services are not offered. Before purchasing any services, you can research for Dr. PR Sundhar Raja and review his credentials.

Yes, you can opt for the automated service to check if your name brings luck based on your date of birth. For a personalized consultation with Dr. Raja, visit and book an appointment.

Yes, you shall receive a discount of ₹995/- if you initially paid for an automated service and later opted for a personalized service.

Dr. PR Sundhar Raja

Best Astro-Numerologist in India, should always select the Baby names , whether it is Baby boy names or Baby girl names using the right starting letters.

Also Baby name meanings should be taken into consideration.

You can also use this service for your grown up children. Also Gift this Lucky Name service to your friends & relatives children. This will be the best gift for their success.