• The Lucky Name Calculator to be used to choose / select the Lucky name, based on the Child's birth details.
  • To be used only after getting the lucky numbers and starting letters based on Astrology - Thirukanitham panchangam & Numerology from Dr. PR Sundhar Raja.
  • You can keep on trying different names for your child, till you get any of the lucky numbers matching for that particular name.
  • In this way you can also choose a short special calling name for your precious baby - pet name.
  • After selecting the Lucky Name for your baby, you can also add the proposed initial / surname / middle name appropriately.
  • After adding the initial / surname to the selected lucky name - the total name number should also come to the lucky numbers or neutral numbers. In certain horoscopes only, Dr. Raja gives neutral numbers.
Disclaimer:Just as a doctor cannot guarantee to heal you, nor an attorney guarantee that you will win a court case, an astro-numerologist cannot guarantee client satisfaction. All consultations are done on a "best efforts" basis, and we disclaim any personal, financial, or legal liability for actions taken by clients based upon an Lucky Baby Name consultation. Astrology & Numerology has its limitations, it can only indicate tendencies, inclinations and potentials, and not certainties. As such we are not interested in any debate regarding this issue. Use your own good judgment and common sense, combined with your understanding of the significance of astrological / numerological influences, when you make important decisions like selecting the name. Lucky Baby Name.com help you to finalize a name, among your various choice of names.