Astrology + Numerology
Task Task Fee(Rs) Task Fee(USD) Indicative time for task completion Order
E-mail Consultation - You can select the name by yourself - after your payment, you will get lucky numbers from Dr. Raja. Then visit our Lucky Name Calculator till you get the Lucky Name for your Baby. Rs. 950 USD 15 You can do it yourself pay with paypal
E-mail Consultation - Dr. Raja will give the best starting letters as per Astrology & Numerology. After you select 3 names, using our Lucky Name Calculator - Dr. Raja will select the BEST name and you will be given the Lucky colours and the name of lucky Gemstone also. Rs. 1800 USD 30 1 - 3 working days pay with paypal
Personal / Telephone / Skype Consultation - Dr. Raja will assist you to choose the BEST name among the names you suggest and you will also get career guidance for your child. Rs. 3000 USD 50 with prior appointment pay with paypal
Personal / Telephone / Skype Consultation - Dr. Raja will suggest 3 lucky names for your child using Astrology and Numerology together. You can finalize / choose the lucky name. Rs. 11,000 USD 200 with prior appointment pay with paypal

On receipt of payment, Dr. Raja will prepare your child's Horoscope / Chart and give best starting letters for the name based on Astrology & Numerology, if required. Alternatively you can also send in your preferred names to choose the best name.

Parents of the child should provide a minimum of 3 proposed names to enable Dr. Raja to select the Lucky Name, according to your child's birthchart.

If the names given by you are not suitable, on hearing from us, you can send some more names - there will be NO additional charges.

For VIP and VVIP consultations, please contact Shobha at +91 98400 20243 for more details.

Consultations are based on Astrology & Numerology. Dr.PR Sundhar Raja has pioneered the art of using Astrology as a base and finding practical solutions through Numerology.

Payment can be made through direct bank transfer to ASTRO NUMBER SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED a/c: 909020042905309

Bank MICR code: 600211004, IFS code: UTIB0000016, AXIS BANK LIMITED

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