How do I get a Lucky Name for my child?

Step 1:

Enter your child’s Date of Birth & your e-mail ID

Step 2:

Verify the e-mail ID and entered date of birth

Step 3:

Proceed to make the payment of Rs. 995 through our ccavenue secured payment portal

Step 4:

Open the link sent to your mail ID and use our special software to find a suitable lucky name for your precious child.You can try as many names as you want, using the link, to give the best lucky name.

Name should be entered ONLY in English letters


All types of payments are accepted through veri‐sign secured payment portal

Please check your mail inbox, after few minutes of placing order.

Also check your spam / junk folder, if mail is not found in your inbox.

When you enter the name, you will be shown whether the name is suitable or not, along with the name explanation. You can try as many names as you want using the link.

Sample as below

Not suitable


The suitability is ONLY for the entered date of birth.

For as little as Rs.995, you can give a life-time success for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Answers

1. Who will be processing my credit card?

Your payment information is processed in real time through by Many payment options are available and we do not have any access whatsoever to your credit card information.

2. Is your server secure?

Yes., through which we process the secure payment, is a Veri-Sign secured payment portal and has implemented state-of-the-art security standards.

3. How it Work?


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